Ibiza calling

When we discussed where to go for our girls holiday, we had a few ideas for a desirable getaway.
Not after long we decided on the party island of Ibiza …
Two weeks until our vacation and we had neither flights nor the hotel, but the plan was made …
We are going to Ibiza, or at least we are going to try.
Having a limited budget, the prices when booking the tickets and the hotel became difficult to remain manageable, we had to consider whether Ibiza really is the best choice now …

I think it was 3:00 in the morning when I just decided to adjust our original plan of flying out Thursday and returning Sunday. What costs we would spare ourselves if we would just fly on different days …
Finally we figured it out. Thursday evening to Tuesday evening would save us half the original cost on airplane tickets!

Ibiza Urlaub Frauen – 009 Kopie

However, the question of where to stay was a lot harder to find than a suitable flight. As our expectations over the years have grown higher, we wanted to stay right on the beach or at least have access to the beach, a swimming pool had to be there. Overall, the ambience had to be right … In reality our wish list was too extensive for our budget.

I must have researched the accommodation packages of at least 60 hotels, apartments and private rentals at Playa de’Bossa.
Ultimately, I found Santos Tropicana Coast Suites – located on the heart of Playa d´en bossa area.
Ibiza Urlaub Frauen – 125 Kopie
And yeah girls, I am sure it is the perfect hotel for a trendy and luxurios experience in Ibiza. You have this wonderful 50s style bar in the hall, free wifi and a 24h reception, air condition in every room, an ipod docking station, a great bathroom and a little kitchenette. Best part of this stylish resort is that it’s exclusively for adults which includes a private beach club and full access to the outdoor swimming pool of Santos Ibiza coast suites where beach parties are orgnaized with live DJs and artists almost very day.

In just a 5 minute walk, you have Space and Ushuaia, allowing you to enjoy the best parties in Ibiza. Ibiza town is only 10 kilometers away so just 15 minutes cab ride.

So the plan sounded pretty perfect.. and we couldn´t wait to pack our stuff to explore the party island…

PART II – First Night in Ibiza and a super upgrade… are coming soon…

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